"We only hire the best, so you dont have to"


We are a highly skilled team each with a passion for what we do - we are innovative and results focused.  We deliver !


Josh Perriam

Managing Director

Josh has always been a 'numbers guy'. Passionate about business he sought out a busines that allowed him to both crunch numbers, AND offer expectional value to his clients. Good Honest Warehousing is that business, and you're the person lucky enought to make the most of it! Josh is a keen eater of Esther's baking and a guy who often wishes he was out in the ocean.  

Richard Griffith

Warehouse Manager

Richy is one of those guys who really is an 'expert' (self proclaimed) at nearly everything. As a 'farming kid' he knows how to work around any problem, but he's also been a business owner himself - so he knows the deal just needs to happen. Richard is young at heart and always up for a good time! He's a great shot and even better on the BBQ!

Esther Gray

Logistics Manager

Esther is a woman with a secret  - she's the prefect woman! Super smart and with skills that would stun most business advisors she is also a killer baker - muffins and yo-yos are a frequest request. you'll be pleased that she's got more important things to focus on though - like getting the boys sorted and ensuring that we deliver on all we promise. She's a keeper!


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